A Day in the Life
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date April 22, 2012
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A Day in the Life is the first Grey's Anatomy spoof that has been done by SIMGM .


Spoof of the show Grey's Anatomy.


Sim CastEdit

  • Patrick Simpsey as Derek Shepherd
  • Ellen Pompsimo as Meredith Grey
  • Sandra Simoh as Cristina Yang
  • Justin Simbers as Alex Karev
  • Chandra Wilsim as Miranda Bailey
  • Sara Simirez as Callie Torres
  • Chyler Simeigh as Lexie Grey
  • Kevin McSim as Owen Hunt
  • Kim Simver as Teddy Altman
  • Jessica Capsim as Arizona Robbins
  • Jason Simorge as Ben Warren

Voice CastEdit


  • Jordan Atkins was called in to play Derek because the Boss and her siblings were finding it difficult to imitate Patrick Dempsey's voice.
  • Kevin McKidd's Sim is named Kevin McSim. This is not to be confused with the Kevin McSim (Kevin McHale) who plays Artie Abrams in the Glee spoof's.



A DAY IN THE LIFE Grey's Anatomy Spoof 101:50

A DAY IN THE LIFE Grey's Anatomy Spoof 1

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