A Lying Bitch in Our Midst
Season 1, Episode 8
Air date August 31, 2014
Episode Guide
A Visit from the Dead
A Tale Of "What If You Were -A?"
A Lying Bitch in Our Midst is the eight Pretty Little Liars spoof that has been done by SIMGM.


In this Pretty Little Liars Spoof, the girls are asking questions and Mona is the one with the answers. Someone is a lying bitch.

Cast Edit

Sim Cast Edit

  • Shay Mitchsim (Shay Mitchell) as Emily Fields
  • Troian Bellisimio (Troian Bellisario) as Spencer Hastings
  • Lucy Simale (Lucy Hale) as Aria Montgomery
  • Ashley Bensim (Ashley Benson) as Hanna Marin
  • Sasha Pietersim (Sasha Pieterse) as Alison DiLaurentis


Pretty Little Liars Spoof 8 - A Lying Bitch04:36

Pretty Little Liars Spoof 8 - A Lying Bitch

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