Brainstorming With RIB
These are some of the quotations from the minisode Brainstorming With RIB.

Ryan: How about I write two pages, and you both write ten, we staple it together and then thats the episode.
Brad: What if they don't match?
Ryan: Doesn't matter.

Ryan Simurphy and Brad Simchuk

Chris: I was completely confused while reading the new script.
Heather:Yeah, I had no lines again a**holes.
Amber: I'm gonna do a backflip when my contracts up for this show.
Darren: Blaine is totally out of character.

Chris Colfsim, Heather Morsim, Amber Simley and Darren Simss

What the F**k did I just read?

Dianna Simgron, After reading IKAG script

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