Chris Colfsim
General Information
Gender Male
Age 22
Born May 27 1990

Chris Colfsim plays Kurt Hummel in SIMGM Glee spoofs. He is the sim version of Chris Colfer, and is voiced by Michael Aguilar. He used to be voiced by The Boss' Brother but was recast beacause he got tired of doing the voice for him.


Is it about my disappearing teeth? Because if I read one more comment about that...

—Chris Colfsim, Behind the Scenes of SIMGM


  • Gets sick of hearing comments about his 'Disappearing teeth'.
  • His twitter name is @chriscolfsim.
  • Dressed as the Beast/Prince (from Beauty and the Beast) for Halloween 2012, and as the elventh doctor (from doctor who) for halloween 2013.