Darren Simss
General Information
Gender Male
Age 25
Born February 5, 1987

Darren Simss is the sim version of Darren Criss. He plays the role of Blaine Anderson in all of the SIMGM Glee Spoofs, and he is voiced by The Boss' Brother.


  • The Boss' Brother's real voice sounds similar to that of Darren Criss.
  • In Mash Time Darren's name was changed from 'Darren Sims' to 'Darren Simss' most likely as Darren Criss has 2 's' at the end of his name rather than one.
  • Once creep-ed on Amber while she was singing in the shower. [1]
  • His twitter is @DarrenSimss
  • Dressed as Spock for Halloween 2013.