Fondue For Two Part 2
Episode 7
Air date May 7, 2012
Duration 3:57
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The Glee Club Gets Tested
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Fondue For Two Part 2 is the seventh minisode in the SIMGM Glee spoof series. It was released on May 5th 2012.


Brittany hosts another episode of her talk show, Fondue For Two, in which she asks the members of New Directions awkward/embaressing questions, at the same time bringing up several more rumors and embaressing secrets about certain members of the glee club.

Minisode QuotesEdit

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Sim CastEdit

Voice CastEdit


  • This is the second Fondue For Two spoof minisode, with the first one being Season 2 Spoof Minisode 3 'Fondue For Two' which was first released on May 24th 2011.


  • Puck and Artie
  • Brittany in Founde for Two
  • Brittany again in Founde For Two
  • Faberry in Founde For Two
  • Finn Hudson
  • Rory Flanagan
  • Samcedes
  • Santana Lopez
  • Tike


Glee Spoof Minisode 7 Fondue For Two Pt 202:54

Glee Spoof Minisode 7 Fondue For Two Pt 2

Glee Spoof Minisode 7 Fondue For Two Pt 2

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