Upload Date

July 14, 2013

Video Time



Cory Monsim in "for Cory"

"For Cory" is a tribute video SIMGM posted on July 14th 2013, in dedication to Cory Monteith, a real life glee cast member who had past away the previous day, July 13th, 2013. The Boss put together a tribute video together, featuring the sim version of Cory, Cory Monsim, which asked viewers to leave a comment below on what they loved most about Cory Monteith.


  • The background music playing is a piano version of Don't Stop Believin', which was made by The Boss herself, because she wanted it to be special.

Boss hasn’t re-watched the For Cory video since making it because she finds it hard to watch.


For Cory-100:36

For Cory-1

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