How to Make a Sims 2 Series
Video 2
Air date October 19, 2012
Duration 8:01
Video Guide
Twilight Eclipse spoof
Glee Spoof Christmas Special
How to Make a Sims 2 Series is a behind the scene video posted on October 19th, 2012. Dianna Simgron shows you what it takes to make a Glee Spoof episode or just any sim video in general. She also addresses frequently asked questions by fans.

Hacks and DownloadsEdit

For a full list of hacks and Downloads generally used can be found here, at SimGM's FAQ Tumblr page.


  • The Boss has been referred to as "The Boss" ever since the video been released.
  • The Boss' actual voice sounds very similar to Quinn Fabray's voice and this is why Dianna Simgron was selected for the vide.


How to Make a Sims 2 Series08:01

How to Make a Sims 2 Series

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