Lea Michsim
General Information
Gender Female
Age 26
Born August 29, 1986

Lea Michsim plays Rachel Berry in SIMGM Glee spoofs. She is the Sim equivalent of Lea Michele, and is voiced by The Boss.


Save the horses.

—Lea Michsim, Behind the Scenes of SIMGM


  • She loves horses and coffee.
  • known for her catchphrase "Save the horses", which was said in How to Make a Sims 2 Series and Glee Cast Discovers Glee Spoofs.
  • Is obsessed with coffee and drinks at least 15 cups per day.
  • Her and Dianna have at least 2 cats (However one of them is currently lost).
  • Often talks in her sleep.
  • Claims to have kissed several girls.
  • Her twitter is @mssleamichsim
  • Her instagram is msleamichsim
  • Dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast for Halloween 2012, and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for Halloween 2013.
  • On the 7th December she released her song Don't Rain On My Coffee.
  • Drinks, on average, about 35 cups of coffee a day.
  • On the 16th December 2013, she released her album Quiet Down, containing 7 songs including Coffeeball, Thousand Cups (feat. Cory Monsim), and Your Salad.





A video tweeted and filmed by Dianna Simgron

Don't Rain on my Coffee01:58

Don't Rain on my Coffee

Lea Michsim - Don't Rain on my Coffee

Lea Michsim Coffeeball (Short)-001:30

Lea Michsim Coffeeball (Short)-0

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