Mercedes-Shane Relationship
Nickname Shanecedes
Status Unknown

Probably Ex's

The Mercedes-Shane Relationship, commonly known as Shanecedes, is the relationship between Mercedes Jones and Shane Tinsley in the SIMGM's Glee Season 3 Spoofs. The relationship status is so far unknown as The Spanish Heart.


Glee Season 3 SpoofsEdit

The Brown Unicorn ProjectEdit

During Mercedes' interview with Jacob Ben Israel, the couple states that they are now dating as Sam moves during the summer break. Mercedes also says that he loves her and understands her love for tater tots. They both seen to be really in love with each other but they can’t believe the kind of nicknames the writters make them say  to each other. 

Pot O' Asian GoldEdit

During the Mercedes-Rachel Diva off, Shane is seen watching the performance to support her girlfriend. 

Mash TimeEdit

During the Cell Block Tango number, Mercedes states that they had a fight. Shane argues that Mercedes prefer the tater tots rather than him and that those things don’t even taste good. The last words of Mercedes to him that night were “No one messes with my tater tots”.

Hold On to A GirlEdit

In the hallways, Sam wants Mercedes back as the short time they were together was magical. Mercedes refuses and also remind him that this already happens when Finn get back with Quinn. Sam states that he still gonna go after her, but Mercedes doesn’t care.

The Spanish HeartEdit

At Emma’s office, Mercedes reveals that she and Sam kissed. She wants some advice as she doesn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend like all the other girls. She wants to start a relationship with Sam in the normal way. Emma suggests starting a club to keep her mind preoccupied. She later starts the God Squad club, but Sam is in it.


  • The only couple where the girl is not obsessed with the guy.
  • The second time that a love triangule fight includes a "No one messes with" trend, The other being Kurt-Blaine-Sebastian fight (Mash Time).


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