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Quiet Down is the breakout album for Lea Michsim. It is a parody of Lea Michele's Louder. . You can buy it on iTunes here.

Lea admitted, although the album was very personal, she didn't write about 90% of it.

Track listEdit

track number Song 'Louder' song equivalent
1 Coffeeball Cannonball
2 Burn My Lips Burn With You
3 Get Outta My Way On My Way
4 Thousand Cups Feat. Cory Monsim Thousand Needles
5 Horses Empty Handed
6 Your Salad You're Mine
7 Quiet Down Louder


  • It took The Boss a little more then a day to write all the songs.
  • Writing/composing the Quiet Down album was a lot easier than Boss thought it would be.
  • You can have a full free listen to Your Salad here and Coffeeball here


Lea Michsim's Album and Glee Spoof Finale Details01:18

Lea Michsim's Album and Glee Spoof Finale Details

Lea Michsim's Quiet Down Quick Listen04:06

Lea Michsim's Quiet Down Quick Listen


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