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This page is about the company. For the creator, see The Boss.

SIMGM Productions is a production company which makes spoofs of popular franchises using The Sims 2.


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An old Profile Picture of SimGM. Shows many characters from the different SimGM videos.

SIMGM makes popular spoofs (more often than not of Glee) on YouTube, which are made with The Sims 2. The name "SIMGM" came from an existing film company, Metro-

Goldwyn Mayer (MGM). Adding the word Sim to the title would create the name SIMGM. The Glee spoofs were created to point out the flaws in the show's second and third seasons.

In October 2012, SIMGM was offered a partnership by YouTube, but in order to receive it, a new channel had to be created. The new channel's name is SimgmProductions.

Prior to creating Glee spoofs, SIMGM had created a music video to Michael Jackson's Billie Jean and a Twilight spoof. Other programmes the company has spoofed using The Sims 2 include Pretty Little Liars (which has been seen by Lucy Hale, a cast member of the original show) and Grey's Anatomy (see below for full list).


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List of produced contentEdit

So far, SIMGM have produced the following spoofs and parodies;

Thanksgiving parody song by SimGM

  • Michael Jackson's Billie Jean music video
  • Twilight spoof
  • Glee spoofs (seasons 2 & 3) and minisodes (both in-Gleeverse and 'real world')
  • Pretty Little Liars spoofs (7 episodes)
  • Grey's Anatomy spoof
  • Xena: Warrior Princess video
  • Chanel N°5 Commercial with Kristin Stewart
  • Behind-the-scenes videos for the Glee spoofs (narrated by Dianna Simgron)
  • Audio snippets for the Glee spoofs, including a Q&A with characters Brittany and Santana, another with Sims actresses Lea and Dianna and a clip of Lea singing Don't Rain on My Coffee (a parody of Don't Rain on My Parade, as sung by her character Rachel in Glee)
  • Parody of a Thanksgiving song by Ke$ha and Nicki Minaj entitled Turkey Day (Gobble Gobble)
  • Resident Evil Spoof


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