Sim Fight Club is a weekly video series, where two sim's fight it out. Hosted by The Boss

How it StartedEdit

The Boss was getting tired of doing the weekly Sims on Freewill videos, because she had to keep waiting to film interesting stuff the sims did. In a previous free will video, a fight broke out, and a fan suggested the idea of a "Sims Fight Club". This quickly replace the free will videos.


In each video,Two sims will fight for three rounds. Winner moves up, Loser is out. If a tie, two more rounds of fighting will settle it.

Season OneEdit

Fight Fighters Image
Sim Fight Club 101 Quinn Fabray VS Ryan Simurphy
Sim Fight Club 102 Santana Lopez VS Emily
Sim Fight Club 103 Will Schuester VS Rachel Berry
Sim Fight Club 104 Kurt Hummel VS Blaine Anderson
Sim Fight Club 105 Quinn Fabray VS Emily
Sim Fight Club 106 Rachel Berry VS Blaine Anderson
Sim Fight Club 107 (Finale) Rachel Berry VS Quinn Fabray

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