Dianna-Lea Relationship
Photo of Lea and Dianna at Dianna's party.
Nickname Simchsim
Intimacy Level Living together
Status Roomates/ Close friends

(Possible secret lovers)

The Dianna-Lea Relationship is the relationship between fellow glee actresses Dianna Simgron and Lea Michsim, also known as Simchsim.


The Coffee MonsterEdit



  • "Simchsim" is the sim version of 'Achele'.
  • Not only are cast mates, but also roommates as they live together.
  • Lea and Dianna have at least 2 cats (however, one of them is currently lost).
  • Dianna claims Lea Talks in her sleep.
  • Dianna is apperantly a "troll", according to Lea
  • Dianna often steals Lea's clothes.
  • Lea's song Your Salad, is believed to be a reference to Dianna.


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