Sims On Free Will 1
Video 1
Air date July 27th, 2013
Duration 5:58
Video Guide
Sims On Free Will 2
 Sims On Free Will 1 is a video posted on July 27th, 2013, that shows the Sim characters on free will in game. It is the first video to ever show what goes on in game. Voice commentary by The Boss.


See what the glee sims get up to while on free will!


From this video it is apparent that:

  • Cory has a habit of eating sandwiches.
  • Mark sleeps a lot.
  • As typical on "The Sims" games, all the girls prefer to wash their dishes in other place (Food Service Truck). Only Lea Michsim uses the sink rather than the dishwasher like the other girls.
  • For unknown reasons, Amber Simley doesn't like Lea.


Sims On Free Will 105:58

Sims On Free Will 1


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