The Boss (born 29th September 1991) is the creator of SIMGM. Her real name is unknown. Up until November 2014 she had not shown her face. 


The first official picture of the boss. Seen on twitter.



Voice ActingEdit

The Boss provides the voices for the following characters, as well as extras:

She was also the original voice of Noah Puckerman and Sam Evans, but they are now voiced by Scott Carter and Will Moring respectively. One of the extra voices she has provided is that of Beth Corcoran.


The Boss has written and directed most of the episodes, with help from her siblings. She has also composed the original songs, as well as original arrangements for some such as Smack That and Roses as well as the piano version of Don't Stop Believin' featured in the For Cory video. She also makes some of the clothing seen in the spoofs.


  • The Boss' Leg mirrored
  • The Boss' shadow
  • The Boss' arm.
  • The Boss' flower jeans
  • Picture of The Boss' handwriting, as requested by anons from Tumblr


  • She has been referred to as "The Boss" ever since the How to Make a Sims 2 Series video was released.
  • Did a reading of two fanfictions: "Glee" by Hans Von Hozel, and the first chapter of "Nightfall" by Angel's Fallen Knight.
  • Does not ship anyone, other than Totcedes, as she believes (quoted from the Boss herself): "the relationship is emotional, and raw, and passionate."
  • When recording the voices, she (along with her brother) would imitate the mannerisms that the characters have.
  • Really likes the musical Chicago, which is the reason why she made the Glee Club do that musical, rather than West Side Story. Also likes the musical RENT.
  • Her day job is full time college student.
  • Boss writes mostly in the morning. She finds it harder to write at any other time in the day.
  • Boss’ number one favorite Britney Spears songs are “Sometimes” and “Walk on By”. She listens to them while writing occasionally.
  • On many occasions, Boss and The Boss' Brother randomly break out into character and hold conversations and/or sing….sometimes in public.
  • Her actual voice sounds very similar to Quinn Fabray 's voice and this is why Dianna Simgron was selected for the How to Make a Sims 2 Series video.
  • She is 23 years old.
  • Her height is 5'4.
  • It takes The Boss and her siblings around an hour and a half to read over a Gleedo script because they joke around too much in between.
  • Has a personal Youtube Channel, that she posts covers and original songs, that are separate from SimGM.
  • Is a huge fan of Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley.
  • She made a Hannah Montana-like song .
  • She describes her name as not common, and revealed the origin of her name comes from her dad's side. Her name starts with "K" and does not contain a "D".
  • Her middle name is "Beatrice", and was named it after her late grandmother.
  • Intials are KBR.
  • loves saying “No way!” as Dianna Simgron.
  • Loves Urban Outfitters. Also shops at Macy’s and Penny's.
  • Made the piano version of Don't Stop Believin'  featured in the "For Cory" video herself, because she wanted it to be special.
  • Silently trolls Glee related zetaboards, message boards, tumblr blogs, twitters, websites etc in an effort to keep up with reactions to Glee related episodes/songs/simgm videos/glee lingo.
  • Favorite food is Chicken Parmigiana.
  • Thinks it’s super weird that Naya/Kevin do that “bee” thing because that’s something she and her siblings have been doing for almost 10 years now. The siblings share a secret language that only they understand.
  • Years ago, Boss did a rap version of “I’m a Little Teapot" for her mom’s Special Ed students.
  • She is Lactose Intolerant.
  • Doesn't really like New York.
  • Can sing any song with the ABC’s (Meaning she change the lyrics to the alphabet while keeping the rhythm). [1]
  • loves that Mobsters show on Bio.
  • Boss has finished writing the Glee Spoof Series Finale script and never has to watch a Glee Episode (post season one) ever again in her life.
  • Being “Boss” has taught Boss how to be more patient. She usually isn’t very patient and can be very picky about certain things.
  • One time Boss tossed a lit match at the passenger’s seat of a car when she was little (around 6 or 7)…Boss’s Brother was sat beside her and told her “Not to do it” but she didn’t listen. Similar, less life threatening, scenarios still occur today.
  • According to the survey held late last year, 46/119 people/fans are afraid to talk to the Boss.
  • Boss hasn’t re-watched the For Cory video since making it because she finds it hard to watch.
  • Boss listened to Lana Del Rey’s “Dark Paradise” and “Summertime Sadness” on repeat while filming the Glee Spoof Series Finale. Not necessarily because she was sad, but because her brother got her hooked and she couldn’t stop.
  • Finds this Wiki fun, especially the trivia.


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