The Boss' Sister (born 4th January 1987) is a member of the SIMGM team.

Voice ActingEdit

The Boss' Sister provides for the following characters:


  • Just like how The Boss 's voice sounds similar to Quinn Fabray , The Boss' Sister's voice sounds very similar to Tina Cohen-Chang
  • Claims credit for the creation of the Glee Spoofs, as she claims to have introduced her sister to Glee (mentioned in an audio podcast).
  • Name starts with a 'L'. ( mentioned on Boss' personal Tumblr)
  • Her middle name is her mom’s late mom’s name.
  • Doesn't like to record her lines while The Boss' Brother is in the room because too much joking occurs and no work gets done. It’s rare that she doesn't kick him out.
  • Boss’s Sister has “cussed out” The Boss on several occasions when Boss corrects her on fudging lines during the Gleedo table reads. Boss’s Sister’s explanation is that she’s usually tired, so that’s why she screws up.

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