The Glee Club Gets Tested
Episode 6
Air date March 3, 2012
Duration 3:57
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Fondue For Two Part 2

The Glee Club Gets Tested is the sixth minisode in the Glee spoof series. It was released on March 3rd 2012.

Plot Edit

Sue asks the Glee Club to take the Psycho Analysis test so that the Glee Club won't get shut down.

The Glee Club answers truthfuly and sometimes gets a bit weird. And the results are that they are all f*%$ing crazy..

Minisode QuotationsEdit

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Sim CastEdit

Voice CastEdit


  • Because Sugar's voice actor was sick Sugar was not in this Minisode
  • Rachel refers to Sugar as "the Brittana love child from the future"; a common theory amongst the Glee fandom.
  • This is Sexy Ginger's debut.


Glee Spoof Minisode 6 The Glee Club Gets Tested03:57

Glee Spoof Minisode 6 The Glee Club Gets Tested

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