Wade 'Unique' Adams
Wade adams
General Information
Played by Alex Newsim
Based on Alex Newell
First appearance Choke Somebody with Prom Glee-ver
 Unique Adams, birth name Wade, is a minor character in SIMGM's Glee Spoofs. She made her apareance in Choke Somebody with Prom Glee-ver. She is played by Alex Newsim, the Sim equivalent of Alex Newell.


Season ThreeEdit

Choke Somebody with Prom Glee-verEdit

Shee visit Mercedes and Kurt at school in order to ask for help as both of them are known for encourage the accepting of oneself. But as a surprise, Mercedes and Kurt are not interested in helping her as showing one's true colors was "so two years ago" and fitting in was the new thing.

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