We Had Our Chance
By SIMGM (Original song)
Sung by Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez
Glee equivalent N/A
Duration 1:56
Episode N/A

We Had Our Chance (also known as the "Brittana song") is an original song, sung by Brittany and Santana.

Song AvailabilityEdit

It is available for purchase HERE.

A remastered version of this song was released on the Glee Spoof Originals (Album), which you can buy here.


Let me tell you something, baby
Try to understand
I can love you, love you right
More than he ever can
He doesn't know you Like I know you
He doesn't love you
Like I do

Tell me
Is he really the one you want
Is he really the one who
Understands you
I think that I do
Is he really the one you love
Is he really the one who really needs you
I know that I do
See that boy with dem wheels
He don't feels what I feels for you, um

(spoken) Let me tell you something

Yeah, I know you want to get this
I know you wish you had it
But you bottle up your feelings
Like an annoying soda can
Oh yes he knows me
And I know him
There are no secrets
Between us two

Tell me
Am I really the one you want
Am I the only one who
Understands you

Oh Britts you do

Am I really the one you love
Cause you know in my heart I
Really need you
You know that I do

See that boy with dem wheels
He don't feels what I feels

We had our chance
For true Romance

Can't we just be friends?

I wants more

I'm with Artie now

Then dump him

You can't always get what you want

But what I wants is you


  • The song was written around the line 'see the boy with dem wheels, he don't feels what I, feels for you'.
  • This is one of two songs to have not been featured in an episode, the other being That is All I Want For Christmas.
  • A music video may or may not be released for this song.
  • This song and It's Gotta Be Love With You are both Brittana duets and original songs.


Brittana Song - We had our chance01:51

Brittana Song - We had our chance

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